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Friday, May 9, 2014

Working More On Book

Well, I have been writing more chapters of my book. It is going to be targeted at Juvenile to Young Adult  readers age 13-18. Middle School to High School age. It is set in beginning in the 1960's and follows the life of this young boy into adulthood. It is full of colorful characters and has some sad disturbing scenes as well as some uplifting and inspirational moments. Having been through the 1960's and having been a teen in the 1970's I can really draw upon my experiences from those times. It was an interesting time in the 1960's for kids. No video games, we just barely started getting color t.v.. We played outside all day. Our parents didn't hover over us wherever we went. We lived life more on the edge! Then we move into the 1970's. A time of Love, Flower Power. Protest against Vietnam, smoking pot! Of course that one is back. We also experienced Disco! Who can forget the bell bottom pants, big hair. It was quite a decade! Remember the pong games that were the first video games! Pinball arcades where you whiled away the hours sticking quarter after quarter in the machines...

I may or may not put in excerpt of the book. But then I don't want to give away anything. The work is copyrighted. I do have a pay pal account so if people are interested. Or if you promise just to read and share, and not steal... Then you can read it... I can post the start of the book and if people happen to read it and want more... Let me know... You can join my site and convince me to write more... My teen age son is already giving me good reviews and he is an avid reader who is my toughest critic. He liked it so well he said..."No more Mom" "I want to read it myself" "I want to be surprised!"

Far Out! And groovy man! Dig your shades man... Where are my flared jeans! I want my choker necklace with the cool leather straps and studs! Rock on! Give me a toke!


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