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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Here is the next chapter of my book: Wrong Turn. This is chapter 3...

Ch.3 Decisions

I stared down the hill. I looked around up and down the road. Nothing, no one, no houses, and I hadn’t seen a car in over an hour. This is one of those defining moments people talk about. You know like the kind of reports you see on the news… Teenager saves old women in burning house or something. I thought, it has probably been there a long time and is empty. Yes, I am sure of it. But something was telling me No! like some voice was talking to me, like my mother’s voice when I was real little when she would sit me on her lap and tell me her deepest and darkest secrets, like a five year old would really understand what she was talking about. But I felt like it was my mother coming back from the grave and had grabbed me and yanked me off the road and was telling me to look, damn it look!
I started to descend down the hill, fall really, I tried to walk down, but fell down and then managed to get down the hill by sliding on my ass. The ground was still wet from the rain and it was slick. I tried to get up and try to walk, but I lost my footing and lost the flash light. “Great, just great.” I said. “How the hell am I supposed to see where I am going?” The light from the moon only partially lit up the scene. I could see in the dim moonlight that it was a green sedan. A four door. The sides had been caved in like it had rolled a couple times down the hill and finally rested on its side. I could not see anything in detail. I fumbled around on my hands and knees for the flash light so I could see. I walked slowly up to the car pointing the flashlight at my feet in front of me. I didn’t see much around the car except a few pieces of metal and broken glass and some items of clothes?. I climbed up on top of the car and peered in…
“Oh, God.” I said: The car was full of odd items like clothes, luggage, blankets, books, utensils, plates, cups, etc. It was like someone had been living in their car. But the stuff was everywhere now. Stuff was in the backseat and the front seat and some suitcases had broken open and had emptied their contents in the car and outside the window onto the ground.. I tried shinning my light into the inside of the car and in the front under some clothing and various other miscellaneous items I saw an arm partially sticking out.

“Shit, shit, shit,” I said out loud… I stood up in a panic and looked around and towards the road in the distance. Nothing, not a fucking thing. No cars no houses nearby to call for help. I didn’t even have a CB radio. Thought about buying one, but never did. I sure wish I had one now. “Hello” I said into the opening of the car… Nothing, no movement. I tried to climb up into the window of the car and pull the doors open, but they were stuck and there was broken glass all around the window and inside of the car. I grabbed some clothing from around the car and placed some on the edge of the window with the broken glass and started to crawl my way into the window… I was pushing straining all of my big 6 ft. 3 frame into the small opening. I leaned in far into the backside of the car where the arm was sticking out. I grabbed the hand and felt it was warm but covered in dry sticky blood. I felt a pulse.

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