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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trying To Come Up With An Idea???

Trying to come up with something to paint? Trying to do an original piece... A tough one for any artist. I like to make my own creations so I have to dig deep into my brain to come up with some kind of concept or idea. This is a complicated process... Usually I start with an idea, then design a setting, then I go on to develop the characters in the setting...

So what will I come up with next? I am not quite sure? Right now I am kicking back and relaxing after a long work week... I am leaning toward a piece with people in a very personal setting or close relationship... I will look around for inspiration. In the meantime I will go out if the weather is willing and do some Plein air painting... I haven't done that before as I don't like people peering over my shoulder. I can work very fast with paints so it should be easy... It is dealing with the nosey onlookers that can be a pain and interferes with my creative thought... Will see what happens... Have been wanting to do a painting of a a business and I have one in mind...

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