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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Still Working On New Ideas! What's Up With Some People!

Hello, I was doodling on my sketch pad the other day... I was sketching a dog jumping up to catch a frisbee... Just a happy dog! And I am just about finished with one of my portrait paintings...

I was also chatting the other day with a business owner who runs a print business... I guess they are stressed about the art business... They need to chill out and try to remember not to take things so seriously. Your work can take you over if you let it. You always need to remember there are others things besides work! And of course it is hard to get started as an artist! Why do you think they came up with the term starving artist! Many famous artists died poor and alone! Their work only became know when someone else discovered it! Art supplies especially oils are very expensive! You need to have a job just so you can afford the supplies! So I am happy to have the opportunity to create my art. And I have the freedom to do what I want and I don't care what people think? I have had little or no training so I don't worry if I am doing it wrong or not and I am not afraid to try different things!

Just do what you love... If people like it then wonderful, if they don't who cares... If you make money or not who cares... Just do it! Sometimes I work fast and create unusal works and I love it! Sometimes I work slower more deliberate. Depends on my mood or what I am doing...

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